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Flex Buy Options

FLEX BUY is a payment option we offer that allows our customer a lower payment in the first 36 months of ownership with many more benefits. Please contact a business manager for more details.


  • All Ford and Lincoln models
  • New, Personal Use contracts
  • A/Z/X Plan customers

Currently Not Eligible

  • Customers with addresses in Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia or Washington DC are not eligible for Flex Buy
  • Ford Payroll deduct is not available


Flex Buy was specifically designed to support higher customer satisfaction and increased trade cycle. The unique structure delivers a variety of customer and dealer benefits including:

  • The first 36 payments are competitive with Lease and extended term Retail financing and provide opportunity for higher trim levels or add on product sales
  • Customer owns the vehicle with no mileage restrictions and can apply the equity to future transactions
  • Notifications to customers and dealers at the 34th month
    • Invoice messaging for customers
    • Trade cycle manuscripts for dealers
  • Flex Buy payments are available for advertising in eligible states

Flex Buy is not a Lease or Balloon financing. There is not a residual amount, refinance requirement, or return option.

To quickly calculate the payments under the available structures download the Flex Buy Calculator

Flex Buy contracts have a maximum 31 days to first payment and are currently not eligible for deferred first payment programs.

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