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A helpful dealer makes your life easier, at least this is the thought at our Ford dealer near Rhome, Texas. If we can do things to make your car search simpler or help you develop a proper finance and service plan, that’s what we want to do. So if you begin to peruse our website, you’ll see various resources you can take advantage of at any time. Additionally, you can contact our staff at Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford of Lewisville for even greater insight!

A Changing Ford Lineup

The current Ford lineup is a thrilling mixture of old and new, timeless and modern, tried-and-true and innovative. If you want a classic Mustang in your driveway, or a brawny, capable Ford F-150, you’ll find those in our inventory online. And, you’ll also find a few electric cars if you want to move beyond internal combustion altogether. The Ford F-150 Lightning and the Ford Mustang Mach-E are two current options, and in the near future you’ll notice quite a few more.

Folks typically have questions about making the leap to electric, even if they’re certain this is the right choice. What type of charger do I need? How does range get affected by weather? What is the service for an electric battery like? These are questions we’re happy to sit down and walk you through.

And if it’s just a traditional, internal combustion car you prefer, you can read our reviews and comparisons in addition to our online inventory to find out which fit is best. When you have an idea of your top options, let us know and we’ll be happy to arrange test drives of your preferred trim.

Ford F 150

Ford Finance and Service Plans

To get the fullest experience from whichever Ford model you end up choosing, savvy finance and service plans are key. We’re here to help you build both.

Our finance experts are happy to go over options with you. You can ask us any questions you want. We’re happy to discuss leasing, buying, loans, credit scores, and all the other common topics that crop up. If you want to utilize our pre-approval form or trade-in calculator, you can do that as well.

Service will be another collaborative effort. Our certified technicians will lay out what the plan for your Ford should be over time. Then you can refer to that plan and when a procedure is due, simply book a visit online.

A Go-To Ford Dealership near Rhome, TX

Want to have a little fun? Head to KAM Kartway in Rhome, TX, and see just how much speed you have to offer. Or, if you want a more casual outing, consider Chester's Chicken. Really, there’s always something to explore when you mosey around Rhome.

Is there a Ford model you dream of when thinking about a road trip? If so, you can find that Ford in our Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford of Lewisville inventory. Check out our Ford dealer near Rhome, TX, then contact our team with any questions!