Ford Conventional Oil Change Service

Ford Ford Conventional Oil Change Service

Ford Conventional Oil Change Service in Lewisville

When you own a Ford car, truck, van, or SUV and need a Conventional Oil Change Service, it makes good sense to match your world-class Ford vehicle with dependable & trustworthy service from experts who understand your vehicle and its service needs inside and out. Our team of Certified Technicians has vast training and experience providing Conventional Oil Change Services on every Ford model. Gain peace of mind with your much-needed Ford Conventional Oil Change Service by only trusting the area’s Ford experts at Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford Lewisville.

Get the Region’s Best Ford Conventional Oil Change Service Here

We provide the region’s best genuine Ford Conventional Oil Change Services including Ford F-150s from Flower Mound, Ford Escorts from Carrolton, Fiesta and Focus models from Lewisville, and everything else in between. Everything going into your next Conventional Oil Change Service at Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford Lewisville meets the highest industry standards set forth by Ford, an industry leader for over 100 years.

Rest assured that if you’re a Ford enthusiast and want to maintain your engine at peak lubrication and temperature control, the area’s best Ford Conventional Oil Change Service is readily available at Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford in Lewisville. Every Ford Conventional Oil Change Service features a Certified Technician who will drain the old engine oil and remove the old filter. New Ford Conventional Engine Oil and a Genuine Ford Oil Filter will be added to factory specifications.

Conventional Oil Change Service

Warning Signs of Needing Oil Change Service

With engine oil and filter doing such an outstanding job keeping the internal parts lubricated and cool, you never want to drive beyond the recommended maintenance interval for an oil change service. However, due to some driving conditions causing rapid engine oil integrity decline, it is also essential to monitor for any of these warning signs that the engine oil needs to be changed. If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, it is an excellent idea to get an oil change service regardless of the next oil change interval:

  • The oil change service light illuminates
  • Needing to top off engine oil
  • The engine is noisier than before
  • Gritty engine oil texture
  • Beyond the recommended change interval mileage
  • Vehicle shakes during idle
  • Check engine light comes on
  • Excessive or darker than normal exhaust smoke


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